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By Robert Walsh

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Today in history, November 4, 2008, the presidential election of 2008 will place an asterisk in the history of US Presidents next to the 44th President as the first black American President, Barack Obama. His name will be found on lists that include major historical events, American history, famous people in history, history of racial discrimination, famous black Americans, and historical event dates.

The ‘Obama for President’ theme was a dream for many Americans, particularly the Afro-American community. Given very little chance to succeed at the start of the primary season in 2007, history channel will chronicle his journey to the White House. The historical events timeline of his run for the Presidency began on a cold winter day on the steps of the Old Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, where President Abraham Lincoln announced his run for the Presidency almost one hundred fifty years before.

This will be included among the interesting president facts that historically connect these two tall young lawyers from Illinois who made their way as little known individuals to the nation and reached the White House to heal a divided nation. Each attracted attention of their political parties through speeches they gave prior to running for office. And each will be historically recorded in the almanac of Black American History.

This day in history also makes internet history with the fact that prior to going out to make his Election Day victory speech Barack Obama texted a message to all his supporters. His Speech in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, his home town, brought out almost a quarter of a million people and journalist from around the world. Nearly as many as Martin Luther King had in Washington, D.C. for his ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech.


Now that the election is over, and the truth can be spoken more freely without distortions about the next President of the United States, Americans can celebrate his story of success, and make it the bedtime story they tell their children as they go off to sleep.

Barack Obama’s life story is the American dream brought to life before our very eyes. Every parent’s dream is that their child can and will be a success in life, even become the President of the United States. This story is not about race, as much as it is about success; but because it includes the race factor, it is more impressive because of Barack Obama’s biracial makeup. The storyteller is free to tell the story in any color they wish.

It is a story of a young boy who grows up without a father present in his life. His parents separated when he was 2, and later divorced. His mother works hard to care for the children while at the same time works and goes to night school. Then when she takes leave from her children for educational pursuits, he is left in the care of his grandparents, having to deal with his feelings of abandonment by his parents. Moved not just from one town to the next, he is uprooted and transported half way around a world at the age of 6 to Indonesia. Brought to a foreign land with a new language, and a new culture to adjust and develop new friendships.

Stability and consistency are important for every child’s upbringing. Every parent would agree with that. When a family has to move their children from one location to another for whatever reason, their parents recognize the difficulties that their child will have to face in readjusting to their new locale, school, and fitting in with their new schoolmates. He returns to Hawaii at the age of ten, and attends a top Prep Academy in Hawaii.

Los Angeles hosted his next educational stop at Occidental College for two years. He then crossed the mainland and attended Columbia University in New York City. There he graduated with a major in Political Science specializing in International Relations.

He worked in NYC after Columbia with a New York Public Interest Research Group. Then in 1985 he moved to Chicago, and worked as a Community Organizer. In 1988 he joined Harvard Law School. There he became the first *Black* President of the Harvard Law Review. He graduated in 1991. *To avoid a color, use ‘culturally-mixed’* in your story. He married his wife, Michelle, in 1992, and they have 2 children.

He worked at a Law Firm, in Chicago and was a part-time lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. He was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996, and re-elected in 1998 and 2002. In 2004 he was elected the junior Senator from Illinois to the United States Senate with 70% of the vote.

In 2007 he ran in the Democratic Primary and defeated Senator Hillary Clinton in June 2008 to be the Democratic Party’s Nominee for the President of the United States. He defeated Senator John McCain, the Republican candidate, in the general election to become the 44th President of the United States, and will be sworn into Office on January 20th, 2009.

This is an amazing story of Success in America. A young boy from a divorced home, who barely knew his biological father, left to be cared for by his grandparents while his mother was off studying, being uprooted from his home to live in a foreign country half way around the world, dealing with feelings of abandonment and loneliness returning to complete his junior high and high school education. Leaving home again and travelling 2,000 miles to go to College. After his first 2 years, he travelled another 3,000 miles to complete his College education.

He applied and was accepted at one of the most prestigious Law Schools in the Country. He became the President of their Law Review Publication. Five years later he was elected to the first of three terms in the State Senate of Illinois. In 2004 He was elected to the U.S. Senate. Just 17 years after graduating from Law School he has become the country’s choice to be the next President of the United States. Only in America can this be possible. A little known young politician born in Hawaii, and calling Chicago his home, can become President of the United States after only 4 years after gaining national political attention with a speech given at his party’s convention in 2004.

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