Saturday, September 17, 2005

The New Zealand General Election
Preliminary Election Results:
Labour NZ First National
40.72 5.84 39.63
Greens United Future ACT
5.07 2.72 1.52
Progressive Maori Party Others
1.21 1.98 1.29

100 % Counted:5 hrs in to the Count

  • Polling Places Counted: 6,094 of 6,094 (100.0%)
  • Total Votes Counted: 2,052,813
  • Special Votes: 193,348

Official Results

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At 07:00 UTC today (19:00 NZST, local time), the polls closed in the New Zealand general election, 2005.

Labour– has won 50 seats and National Party has won 49 in the 122-member House of Representatives , which has increased by two (from 120) because the Maori Party won four electorate seats, more than its proportion of the party vote entitled it to (Called in MMP an overhang).

Neither the Labour-led coalition or the National Party have won sufficient seats to govern on their own, and will require the backing of other smaller parties to govern in a coalition.

There are 193,348 special votes still to be counted. Official results are expected to be announced on 1 October 2005.

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