“Money Chat With Steph &Amp; Stat” Tele Seminar On Branding Using Web 2.0

Submitted by: Nathan Gurley

“Get on the conference calls”, they say.

“Everyone who’s successful in our business is on the calls”, they proclaim.

Question: Do you really have to participate in web conferences, and tele-seminars to be successful in Internet marketing?

Answer: Probably so. You always have to educate yourself.

Question: Does it have to be boring and an ongoing sales pitch for the company or it’s products? After all, that’s how it’s been done forever, right?

Answer: Not if these two have anything to do with it!


Two self-proclaimed “Crazy Chics” from different parts of the country are changing all that and the word is catching on.

Enter Steph Perez of Florida and Staten Sobers of Ohio. They started the increasingly popular Internet marketing tele-seminar

“Money Chat with Steph & Stat”.

The two Internet marketers first paired up with Online Business Alliance (OBA) and then again with 1Up Cash System.

With regard to “Money Chat”, Monday and Wednesday nights were dedicated to OBA, Tuesday and Thursdays for 1Up Cash System, and Saturday mornings were training calls.

While the two business models are somewhat similar in design, they offer different price points with 1Up Cash System offering an opportunity for higher payouts earlier on.

The two businesswomen began to realize that “Money Chat” needed to be less about the businesses and more about how they could help community members succeed, regardless of which business they were pursuing. This lead to fun-filled, pressure free calls, where members get information in many areas of Internet marketing. You can ask questions in a light-hearted atmosphere and get solid and informative answers.

Steph and Stat first found marketing success utilizing Web 2.0 techniques, namely videos and social networking. They emphatically stress doing videos as a way of self promotion in an effort to brand oneself.

In their view, thousands of marketers take the easy way out and promote “cookie cutter’ sites or splash pages that everyone else uses, puts them on traffic exchanges, and expects great results. Those results rarely come using these outdated, “old school” methods.

While they recently developed a members only resource site, they started off following the advice of noted Web 2.0 expert Michelle MacPhearson in her downloadable ebook entitled, “Social Media Daily”. In addition to their resource site, they also offer a PDF “Getting Started Guide” to members available upon request.

When “Money Chat with Steph & Stat” was conceived in the latter quarter of 2007, there were roughly 30 or so people listening in. With the new generic format, a fun-filled atmosphere, and real educational value, Money Chat has blossomed to well over 200 listeners and the community continues to grow weekly. As more and more people come in, they bring in their success stories following these strategies which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Branding yourself using the Web 2.0 and social networking techniques discussed on “Money Chat with Steph & Stat” is a viable alternative to older advertising and marketing methods. With Steph and Stat, it’s all about the community – not about the business.

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