Dental Implants For People With Tooth Loss

Dental Implants for People with Tooth loss


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Many people who experience tooth loss are conscious of their appearance, especially when the missing teeth are located in the front. Missing teeth not only affect a person s appearance; they also affect the function of the person s mouth. People with missing teeth may experience difficulty in eating and speaking. Without the support of the teeth, a person s cheeks and lips may have a sunken appearance.

Tooth loss is a natural occurrence among children since they shed their baby teeth to make room for the adult teeth. Tooth loss may also be caused by rough physical contact, like in accidents or sports. Old age may also be a cause of tooth loss. As a person ages, the bones that hold and support the teeth may become weaker, causing the teeth to loosen and eventually fall off.

Oral health problems, such as dental caries and gum diseases, greatly contribute to the risk of tooth loss. This is why overall dental health care is important; one dental problem usually leads to another if left untreated. Since teeth have important roles, it essential that people takes care not to lose them. Unlike children, adults no longer have other teeth to replace those that they havelost.

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People with missing teeth usually get tooth replacement devices, like implants.

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are like root devices. They support tooth restorations like crows, bridges and dentures. As its name implies, implants are inserted into the jawbone so that it can support the tooth replacements.

Before a dentist decides if a patient is a candidate for

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, he makes certain that the patient has good oral health. If the patient has an oral health problem, or if he has poor oral hygiene, getting an implant may pose a risk. Dentists always make sure that their procedures do not cause complications.


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first scans or x-rays his patient s jawbone to determine if there is enough bone mass to support the implant, which is required for a successful operation. A bone graft may be required if there is not enough bone. The scans and x-rays also help the surgeons create a plan on how to go about the procedure. When the implant has already been inserted, a certain amount of time is needed for the implant to fuse with the bone. This is what gives dental implants a natural feel.

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