Are Your Twins Getting Enough Sleep On Their Unique Kids’ Beds?

By Rony Pollock

Fifteen months old toddlers need their morning and afternoon naps, but as they grow older, the naps just disappear. To make up for this, early bedtime is recommended. The earlier the babies get into their unique kids’ beds, double-deckers, or bunk beds, the less likely they’ll have sleeping problems.

Early To Bed and Early to Rise

Children, like adults, have sleep problems and sometimes these problems are caused by bad sleeping habits. As a parent, you have to be consistent in developing your children’s sleeping habits. If you have twins, the more effort you’ll need to exert to stick to the regimen, if only to help them develop good sleeping habits.

By the time your twins blow their first birthday candle, they are still taking morning and afternoon naps and still go to bed a little later. The sleeping pattern continues until they are three years old. By this time, your twins take more afternoon than morning naps, and the transition can produce cranky children before you tuck them into their unique kids’ beds.

You have a lot of ammunition to help your kids out. One is to make their bedrooms enticing for sleep with colorful knick-knacks, comfortable unique kids’ beds shaped like cars or princess beds, or if budget is tight, you can, in the meantime make their rooms cozy. Little as they are, twins appreciate cozy nooks for their sleep time.

The earlier they go to bed when those morning or afternoon naps disappear, the better they’ll feel in the morning for another round of games and self-discovery.

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How To Make Early Bedtime Easier

How many times have you felt like indulging in hair pulling when the twins just can’t go to sleep early? There are the dishes to do, work to finish, and you’ve got to hit the sack early after a long day. You’ve run out of bedtime stories and you don’t have the energy to start a story from scratch. You want the twins sleeping at 7PM so you can be sure they get enough sleep. What to do?

Here are 7 ways to get kids sleeping early and soundly on their unique kids beds:

* Take your kids out in the afternoon sunshine. Exposure to the outdoors make children tired before bedtime.

* Let them wear socks. It lulls the kids to sleep because body temperature drops.

* Lower the temperature of the room before bedtime. This signals the body that it’s time to sleep.

* Give them a warm bath before bedtime as a ritual. This signals the body that it’s time to take the much-needed sleep.

* Switch off the night lights as they can wake up the twins in the middle of the night.

* Buy new mattresses for the unique kids’ beds for maximum comfort.

* Give them a soft massage like a back or foot rub to lull them to sleep. It really works well!

Tips to Remember

Watch out if your twins are spending more play time instead of nap time. This signals changes in their daily sleeping patterns. Observe if the twins nap today and drop the habit the next day. Give them the nap habit until they have gotten out of it and spend more time romping on their unique kids’ beds or coloring pictures on the children-sized table and chairs.

During the transition, start getting them to bed early at 6 pm. As they grow older, you can be more flexible, extending sleeping time to another hour or so. You’ll have twins with no sleeping disorders and set them up for a lifetime of good sleeping habits.

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